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( I know, I'm really good with the titles :P )

I have a million secrets
I wish I didn't though
it is so hard to cope
with everything I know

I try to drown in music
I try to disappear
but everything I strive for
just blows out in the air

I'm getting very tired
of all the mess I'm in
life is an endless struggle
I'm not supposed to win

I haven't slept in days now
I want to go to bed
but every time I do
I wake up in my head

I want nothing but silence
I need eternal sleep
I'll take my secrets with me
the music you can keep

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Posted on 03:16AM on Feb 14th, 2013
This is my favorite one. I love the last verse. I especially love the last line. :-) After reading the whole poem, the last line just has so much power. It is a great ending to the poem. :-)
Posted on 03:27AM on Feb 14th, 2013
It's my favorite as well :) Thank you :)
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