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Oh my God, I never knew
how much pain a soul could go through
or a body for that matter

All my life I have been sick
and I'm getting so tired of it
so tired that I just want to sleep forever

When every day is a struggle, a fight
it gets harder and harder to see a light
at the end of the tunnel - right?

I'm sad for the life I never got
and I'm sad for others too, who - like me -
don't know what to do

I never thought it would get this bad
I'm hurt, frustrated and mad
but most of all, I'm just so sad

I'm right about to say farewell
just wish someone could tell
will I reach heaven or am I going to hell?

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Posted on 03:20AM on Feb 14th, 2013
I like this poems as well. It has a lot of emotion in it. I love poems when you can feel the emotion. You definitely titled this one nicely. I can feel your pain in the poem. I hope that you do not say farewell though. :-)
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